Chumoukedima, March 13,2024 – Mount Mary College recently hosted a skill development presentation in collaboration with the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), aimed at equipping students with practical skills for the job market.

     Led by four members from NAPS, with Mr. Rukuwe Kenye as the speaker, students were privileged to attend an enlightening presentation. NAPS was portrayed as skill development superhero by Mr. Kenye, highlighting its role in taking students from the classroom to the real world.

      During the presentation, Mr. Kenye emphasized that students can earn through this program, leveraging the opportunities provided under the Apprentice Act 1961. He encouraged students to consider apprenticeships as not just a job but a future, where they can earn while learning and receive stipends.

     Drawing parallels to role-playing games, Mr. Kenye emphasized that there is a role for everyone in each other’s success. He stressed the importance of staying intact with the latest tech knowledge and how NAPS facilitates this through its programs.

     Feedback from participants was positive, with students appreciating the opportunity to learn from industry experts. The presentation reflects Mount Mary College commitment to preparing students for the workforce!!!