Vocational Course

Vocational courses are training-based courses that aim at preparing students for a particular career, skill, or trade. Unlike traditional courses like BE/B.Tech/MBBS; Vocational courses focus on practical skills, and on-site training and thus offer better & quicker job opportunities.

There are thousands of Vocational courses in different fields. Among the Vocational courses listed; Telecommunication, Photography, Foreign Languages, Information Technology (IT), Beautician, and Hotel Management are on the top.

The eligibility and admission criteria for vocational courses is quite flexible. Students need to pass the class 10 and class 12 exams with minimum qualifying marks and from a recognized board.

Student admitted here in our college must at least take one vocational course as a compulsory course from the compulsory course list.

Here are the compulsory course list:

  1. Diploma in Linear / Node Base Video Editing
  2. Diploma in Audio Recording and Mixing
  3. Diploma in Live Sound Management
  4. Basic Course on Photoshop & Lightroom
  5. Basic Course on DTP Application
  6. Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA)
  7. Diploma in Photography (DP)
  8. Diploma in Counselling Psychology (DCP)
  9. Diploma in Live Skills (DLS)
  10. Certificate in Computerised Financial Accounting (CCFA)
  11. Certificate in Computer hardware Engineering (CCHE)


    Sl.No Courses Discriptions Duration
    1 Certificate in Citizen Journalism & Media 3 months
    2 Certificate in Basic of Beauty & Hair Dressing 3 months
    3 Certificate in Basic Cutting & Tailoring 3 months
    4 Certificate in Basic Embroidery 3 months
    5 Certificate in Word Processing/Type Writing (CWP) 6 months
    6 Certificate in Desk Top Publishing (CDTP) 6 months
    7 Certificate in Web Technology (CWT) 6 months
    8 Certificate in Multimedia & Animation (CMAD) 6 months
    9 Certificate in Computerised Financial Accounting (CCFA) 6 months
    10 Certificate in Computer hardware Engineering (CCHE) 6 months
    11 Certificate in Laptop Repairing (CLR) 6 months
    12 Certificate in Nursery Teachers Training (CNTT) 6 months
    13 Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) 12 months
    14 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) 12 months
    15 Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking (ADCHN) 12 months
    16 Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development (DED) 12 months
    17 Diploma in Finance & Accounting (DFA) 12 months
    18 Diploma in Accounting & Taxation (DAT) 12 months
    19 Diploma in Music Video (DMV)  12 months
    20 Diploma in Photography (DP) 12 months
    21 Diploma in Electrical Technician & Plumbing (DETP) 12 months
    22 Diploma in Counseling Psychology (DCP) 12 months
    23 Diploma in Live Skills (DLS) 12 months
    24 Diploma in English as a Foreign language (EFL) 12 months
    25 Diploma in Korean Language (DKL) 12 months
    26 Diploma in Spoken English & Personality Development (DSEPD) 12 months
    27 Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training (DNTT) 12 months
    28 Diploma in Staff Notation &  Conducting 12 months
    29 Advance Diploma in Nursery Teacher’s Training (ADNTT) 24 months
    30 Associate Degree in Audio Mixing Engineering (ADAME) 24 months
    31 Associate Degree in Live Sound Engineering (ADLSE) 24 months
    32 Associate Degree in Digital Filmmaking (ADDFM) 24 months
    33 Associate Degree in Vocal Performance (ADVP) 24 months
    34 Associate Degree in Classical Guitar Performance (ADCGP) 24 months
    35 Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) 36 months
    36 Bachelor of Business Application (BBA) 36 months


    NB: For details regarding the vocational course, kindly contact Counseling Department.

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