Chumukedima 17th Oct. 2023, The Department of Economics organizes an Inter-Department Poster making and Essay Writing Competition held at the B Ed Classroom, Mount Mary College .With the objective to encourage students to innovate ideas and create awareness about the issue of poverty and engage students in meaningful activities to promote understanding and action. A total of 26 Students from different subject departments came together and took part in the competition.

     The event started at 10:00 am with a brief introduction about the theme by Miss. Rosy, Economic department Lecturer. She starts by addressing the economic status around the whole globe and how millions are suffering with the inability to acquire basic needs such as food, clothing, education, health care and shelter. And she emphasizes on the political support which the people need in this very situation to tackle this problems.


1. Poster Making Contest:

   The Theme for the poster making competition was “Acting together to end poverty” and students were encouraged to create posters that visually represented the theme of eradicating poverty. Participants used a variety of artistic techniques and powerful messages to convey the importance of addressing poverty. Many of the participants depicted the importance of Education, which should be provided to the poor to help them earn their own living and help grow the society .

2. Essay Writing Competition:

   An essay writing competition was organized in collaboration with the event on the theme “Poverty as a Social Problem: It’s Causes and Solutions”. Students were invited to write essays on the topic of international efforts to combat poverty. All the participants had different ways of conveying their messages but most of them had a common key to eradicating poverty, which was through providing better agricultural facilities, clean water, deduction in medical bills, scholarships, helping during natural calamities and education. They believe that, by doing so the world could become a beautiful land without poverty.

    Some of the Quotes mention by different participants:

   * “Poverty is the worst violence” Mahatma Gandhi.

   * “ Poverty is not natural , it is manmade” Nelson Mandela.


Students from various departments participated in the event, making it an interdisciplinary endeavor. Their enthusiasm and commitment to raising awareness about poverty were evident in their active participation.


The event organized by the Economics Department for the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty was a resounding success. It brought students together to reflect on the global issue of poverty and stimulated creative expressions through poster making and essay writing. The event achieved its objective of spreading awareness and encouraging students to engage in discussions about poverty and its eradication.