Chumukedima , October 17th ,2023 – In a bid to bridge the digital divide and empower the youth with essential computer skills , Wise National Education Computer Institute hosted a dynamic Skill Development and Orientation Program on 7th of October Saturday ,drawing a diverse group of eager students to embark on their journey towards technological excellence .

     The event scheduled at 2:30 pm gets delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances and begins at 3:00 pm. Held at the auditorium of Mount Mary College featured an hour of activities designed to introduce attendees to the world of A.I , Chat GPT , computer and equip them with the knowledge needed to embark on a successful journey in the tech world .

    The Event was led by Miss. Julie Zhimomi ,Miss Face Of Nagaland (2019) with a warm welcome. Followed by a brief introduction to address on skill development by Mr. Charles , B. Ed Lecturer of Mount Mary College .

    The program kicked off with a warm welcome from Mr. David M Lotha ,the Director of Wise National Education Computer Institute . He began by highlighting the transformative power of technology in today’s world and stressed the importance of computer literacy. “We are running out of time” Mr. David stated. He also emphasized on the influence and power of systems like A.I. and Chat GPT, and how they are taking over the world. The Chairman then proceeds to demonstrate the Institute’s strength, stating its recognition by 28 states in India, providing a variety of seminars, events, courses and a one (1) month internship opportunity for any student who is interested. The Institute also provides learning courses in creating and learning Html, Websites, Domains, Microsoft, Graphics, Photo shop and Designing etc. The Chairman also added the economic benefits of learning and developing apps, and how the institute provides a learning opportunity for such skills.

     Mr.David’s speech at the seminar was a compelling call to action for the tech industry and its leader. It emphasized the need for responsible innovation, collaboration, diversity, and the profound impact of technology on society. The Chairman’s insightful words left lasting impression, inspiring attendees to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the ever-evolving digital age.

   The event was further graced by the presence of Smt. S Rarenbenla, Functional Manager DIC, Dimapur . She began with a quote by Alvin Toffler “The Illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write ,but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” , emphasizing the need for today’s generation to have computer literacy to earn a livelihood . She states that education does not only limit to our academic learning, but also our social and practical experiences. She then proceeds to express how the students of Mount Mary were privileged, as the college continues to provide various learning activities giving the students a vibrant educational platform. “Education alone cannot do anything” she stated, adding that learning shouldn’t be confined to classroom teaching alone, and one should be equipped with creative learning.

             Smt. S Rarenbenla, then encourages the audience to dream big, emphasizing that ambitious dreams are the driving force behind personal growth and progress. The speaker addresses common barriers to pursuing big dreams. The speaker also speaks on the lack of job opportunities that the government can provide to its people and the need to learn Entrepreneurship skills which should be provided in school curriculums. She shared stories of successful individuals such as Tilak Mehta ,who is famous as a very young and successful entrepreneur in India , who started to work at the age of 13 years taking small steps , and after 4 years today ,owning a business which accumulates a revenue of 100 cores annually.  She stressed the significance of taking the first step no matter how small it may seem, and the difficulties one will eventually face to become successful. Smt. S Rarenbenla also highlighted the theory of “The Fish in a Fish Bowel”, emphasizing the importance of thinking out of the box and to resist oneself from being confined to a small scope like the fish in a small bowel. “If you have a dream, If you work hard, You will find success” she stated. The “Dream Big and Start Small” speech was met with an enthusiastic engagement by the audience. By the end of her speech, she talks about the schemes that the DIC provides, where one could gets subsides of up-to 35% in programs like PFME, CMMFI and PMEGP, opened to anyone above the age of 18 .

   The response of the students was overwhelmingly positive. A total of 146 students had turned up in the session. Many expressed their gratitude for opportunity to learn and acquire practical skills that would set them on a path to success. A student remarked that the institution had done a great job by collaborating with such excellent firms.     Wise National Education Computer Institute has set a precedent with this skill development program, underscoring its next generation of tech leaders .This event serves as a testament to the Institute’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation. As student leave with newfound inspiration, it is evident that the seminar has sown the seeds of a brighter technological future, one that promises innovation, creativity and endless possibilities.