Sparks Intellectual Fire with Theme ‘Uniting Minds and Igniting Ideas”     

Chumukedima,17th Oct 2023 – The College of Mount Mary organizes an Inter College Political Science Festival, held on 13th of Oct 2023 at Yashipokla Memorial Hall , brought together students from various colleges , igniting a spirited discourse on the theme “Uniting Minds and Igniting Ideas.”

Inspiring Discussions and Thought-provoking Debates:

  The festival commenced with an inaugural ceremony that set the tone for a day of inspiring discussions and thought-provoking debates. Distinguished guest speakers, including renowned political scientists and policymakers, shared their insights on the importance of unity and innovation in the field of politics.

Intercollegiate Debates , Declaration Speech and Art Exhibition :

  The heart of the event comprised a series of intercollegiate debates on the topic “ Abolishment of NLTP act ,1990” , Recitation of Declaration Speech given by Renowned Political Leaders , Art Exhibitions on the topic “ Human Rights”. Participants from various colleges engaged in rigorous debates on contemporary political issues, offering diverse perspectives and solutions. The festival fostered a competitive spirit as students showcased their knowledge, research, and communication skills. Additionally, it provided an ideal platform for networking among budding political scientists, creating a conducive environment for sharing ideas and experiences.

Speech By Chief Guest :

        As Mr.Arvind Damani ,National Executive member ,BJYM, In-charge of Meghalaya fails to arrive as the Chief Guest , Miss.Nikita takes the stage and presents a phenomenal speech on attaining development through Unity in a diverse land like India . India being a populated country compromises of several and diverse ideals and ideas , and development can be brought only when no one is left behind based on their background . Equality in terms of quality education plays be a key factor in attaining development , while proper health care and employment makes a country prosperous .

    India has an abundances of ideas which should be given a platform to tackle up factors such as Climate change , Economic and social challenges for a sustainable development .  Politics is not only about corruption but , it comes with its flows and can be changed by us . APJ Abdul Kalam in 2012 launched a programme for youths of India called the “What Can I Give Movement”, with a central theme to defeating corruption. This movement also teaches the youth how invaluable they are as an asset to the country .

   Thus , one shouldn’t study just for the sake of studying , and never underestimate their own potential ,as there is a platform for the current generation in the near future ,where they can become the leaders and shape a better society ,by adapting challenges and uniting minds and ideas 

Talk Show :

  A captivating talk show under the event’s theme unfolded in an atmosphere of intellectual fervor , illuminating the power of dreams and transformative potential of innovative ideas .Hosted at the AV Room, Mount Mary College , the event drew a diverse audience eager to explore the profound connection between dreams and ides in contemporary society.

  The talk show featured distinguished speaker Dr.Salikyu Sangtam, who received his Ph.D from the University of Southern Mississippi ,USA. An educationist who has contributed immensely to the study of “Non-Western Political Theory and International Relation”.

    He went to delve into the true purpose for the study of Political Science , and began with the quote “Politics is who gets what ,when , how” by Harold Lasswell. He highlighted how today’s Political ways were highly influenced by the western, such as the Greece . Such examples were the Tenants, who started to capture the minds of the people through their appealing speech and making false statements to appeal the emotion of their subjects . Politics comes with its flaws, as it gets influenced by external bodies such as the religious bodies and the presence of corruptions, to attain and remain in power .

  The concept of Manipulation of minds by political leaders was a recurring topic throughout the event. As the Political Leaders use their appealing words and formalities to look appealing for their subjects. India as a land with majority of the population living in the rural lands such our state of Nagaland, fail to understand the tactics of the Political Leaders who publish their deeds in newspapers and TVs to look appealing to the people ,while being the real thieves , who steal our brighter future with corruptions  .

  The Talk show concluded with resounding messages that critical ideas and united minds ,can indeed bring about remarkable change . The speaker lastly emphasized on the negative influence today’s students faced ,which is their screen time on social media , and how it could lead to their own demise if not controlled wisely .

Debate on “NDTP ACT, 1990” :

     A highly anticipated debate on the topic “NDTP Act ,1990” took place . The event, organized by the college’s political science department, witnessed spirited discussions and compelling arguments from students of Mount Mary College and students from Eastern Christian College, providing a comprehensive overview of the controversial issue.

Opening Statements and Background:

       The debate began with the opening statements, wherein participants presented their perspectives on the proposal to ban the sale of alcohol. Both sides acknowledged the widespread social and health concerns associated with alcohol consumption and its consequences. However, the pro-ban team highlighted the potential benefits of such a move, while the opposing side argued for individual freedom and economic considerations.

Contentious Points:

The debate revolved around several contentious points, including:

  1. Public Health vs. Personal Freedom: The pro-ban team emphasized the detrimental impact of alcohol on public health and safety, while the opposing side stressed the importance of personal freedom and individual responsibility.
  2. Economic Implications: The opposing team raised concerns about the economic repercussions of banning alcohol sales, including job losses and a potential increase in illicit trade.
  3. Government Regulation and Christian State: The pro-ban team argued that government intervention was necessary to protect the public from the harms of alcohol , while the opposing side cautioned against the Christian Leaders .

Rebuttal and Cross-Examination:

   Following the opening statements, a lively exchange of rebuttals and cross-examinations occurred. Students skillfully dissected each other’s arguments, challenging statistics, and providing counterpoints, intensifying the debate’s intellectual depth.

Conclusion and Closing Statements:

The debate concluded with closing statements, summarizing the key points presented by each side. Both teams exhibited commendable research and persuasive skills, leaving the audience with much to ponder.

Post-Debate Reflections:

The debate provided an excellent platform for students to delve into the complexities of a controversial political issue. It also emphasized the importance of open and constructive dialogue on matters of public interest. The event contributed to the intellectual growth and critical thinking skills of the participants and garnered appreciation from the audience.

In summary, the debate on the “NLTP Act 1990” , organized by Mount Mary political science students exemplified the significance of addressing contentious political issues through reasoned and informed discourse. It showcased the commitment of the students to engage in discussions on matters of societal concern, even when opinions diverge significantly. 

Closing Ceremony with Awards and Acclaim:

The event concluded with a grand closing ceremony, during which outstanding participants and teams were recognized and awarded for their exceptional contributions. The festival was acclaimed for promoting unity and intellectual vigor, reinforcing the importance of exchanging ideas in the world of political science.

     The Inter College Political Science Festival organized by Mount Mary College , themed “Uniting Minds and Igniting Ideas,” was a resounding success, creating an environment where young political minds united to explore and ignite innovative ideas. It served as a testament to the power of intellectual discourse and the boundless potential of political science as a field of study.

      In summary, the “Uniting Minds and Igniting Ideas” Inter College Political Science Festival was a resounding success, showcasing the power of intellectual discourse and the potential of political science as an area of study. It reinforced the idea that unity and innovative thinking are vital for addressing the complex political challenges of our time.