Chumukedima, Sept 30 :In an inspiring demonstration of community spirit and social responsibility, the students of Mount Mary College dedicate their tireless efforts for a transformative cleanup drive around the college campus.

The driveled by a team of 63 students and 6 assistant lecturers, aimed to address the litter and debris around the campus, which might pose health and safety hazards for the students and citizens. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all.

“It creates a sense of Unity”saidMiss.ToshimenlaOzukum, one of the assistantlecture of the college. This initiative not only results in a cleaner and greener environment but also instills a sense of responsibility and civic pride among the college community, reinforcing the idea that everyone can contribute to a better future. Additionally, the drive has raised awareness among students about the importance for preserving their environment.

The results of the drive have been nothing short of remarkable. Not only has the campus been visibly transformed, but students have reported feeling safer and more connected to their community.